Let us do the hard work for you

We perform all type of goods handling operations, among them:

  • Goods receptions and loads, Picking, Batch picking, Pick to box, Cross Docking, Packings
  • Labeling of big stocks, arrange alarms for the merchandise, inventories, manual assortments, perching, embroidery, special packagings and many others.

The right packaging together with a special care on handling goods is the only way to achieve an optimal ending for the logistic process.

Knowing that the most important tool we have on our hands is information, our Managing system allows a constant online communication with our clients to provide direct and clear information about past, present and future operation:

  • Reception and Control of merchandises: our control system gives total confidence about the products which have been received, doing a unitary control for each product or a sampling control, depending on the nature of the goods received.
  • Orders: Inmediate information to our clients about received or served client orders, orders with stock break or trends in stock levels.
  • Issuance of Delivery Notes: Daily information about all orders prepared for its distribution. Stock stickers preparation and setting. Movement list permanently updated. Departure of goods, products, references, receivers, etc. Admission of providers goods, products, references, etc..

Picking en cajas

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