Optimize your operations with the Customs Warehouse

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Advantages of Customs Warehousing

  • You will only pay VAT at the moment of selling to your spanish clients and only for the proportional part of the import.
  • You will only pay the Custom Duties when the goods leave the warehouse to the client
  • Transfering of the selling duties to communitary clients or from third countries.
  • Partial dispatch or exits. Check our cargo handling services.

Customs Warehouse
This new service (Customs Warehouse) is of big interest for companies which import from countries outside European Union. In our warehouses you can diposit for ilimited time your merchandises, posponing the payment of VAT duty and the Custom Duties which might apply.

Likewise, Customs Warehouse service can be very valuable for Trading Companies, it allows them to dispose the stocks in Spain closer to their clients.

Transportes del Maresme has authorization from the Dirección General de Aduanas (spanish customs general direction) to operate at their warehouses as:

  • Customs Warehouse (Almacén Aduanero DA) and other than Customs Warehouse (Distinto del Aduanero DDA)
  • Data transmission with Customs Office through EDI system (Electronic Data Interchange)  and Export Document signatures (Duas)
  • Temporary Deposit Warehouse (Almacén Deposito Temporal ADT)

With this new service, merchandises are moved with faster procedures, in a safer way and offer the possibility of increase the savings for the clients. 

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