What are the benefits of a Customs Warehouse?

Main advantages of using a Customs Warehouse:

  • VAT is onlye paid at the moment of selling to the clients and only for the proportional part of the import.
  • Custom Duties are only paid when the goods leave the warehouse to the client
  • Selling duties can be transfered to communitary clients or from third countries.
  • Transportation times accelerate as goods move in transit.

Handling goods, when do you need help?

We are specialized at doing every type of handling of stocks of any size, from small to big amounts of pieces and sizes. If your business is growing, changing or you do not have enough human resources to do the daily tasks involved with logistics or to treat a concrete stock, we offer you to outsource the hard work, we are experts. We have been delivering orders the last 40 years, labeling, doing inventories, packings, assortments, needlework, retrievals, perching, packagings of any type and any other necessary manipulation.

What does it mean to sell on Internet through Dropshipping?

The dropshipping model helps to solve logistics problems associated with Internet sales. Where do i store the stock? Where do i find the time to prepare, package and deliver orders? With our Dropshipping service you can store your goods in our warehouse and we will prepare, package and deliver the orders for you with your own custom packaging, details and invoices as if we where you.